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Sundrop Farms

World Leading Technolog for Innovative Farm

Cold Logic has designed, engineered and installed a 1400kw Ammonia refrigeration plant on a world leading farm One of the most technologically advanced farms in the world, Sundrop, located outside Port Augusta, has built a landmark 20HA greenhouse project. Cold Logic has designed & installed a customised system to chill heated desalinated water for use on the vines. The sustainable farm is powered by a solar thermal desalination process using two abundant fuels: sunlight and seawater.

Cold Logic designed and built an ammonia refrigeration plant, that has zero global warming potential, to cool the water from 35C to 18C.

​The site can pump and desalinate up to 2.8 million litres of seawater a day, from Spencer Gulf, into a 115m high solar-power boiler — which receives energy from reflected sun rays from more than 23,000 computer controlled mirrors. Cold Logic will remotely monitor the plant with a 24/7 call-out for any issues on an ongoing basis. Sundrop Farms will produce more than 15,000 tonnes of vegetables annually for markets across Australia, but the first truss tomatoes are due to get into Coles stores this year. Cold Logic looks forward to being part of future sustainable farming solutions across Australia.

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