Cold Logic operates a substantial contract construction team capable of manufacturing refrigeration plants of any scale, and can install them anywhere in Australia. If you’re looking for refrigeration installer in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin or even Moranbah in remote Qld then Cold Logic can help.

Skilled staff = project excellence

Our skilled team operates out of our full in house manufacturing facility located in Port Adelaide, where nearly anything and everything can be made.

This is extremely important for our clients where the project timelines are critical and experienced refrigeration tradesman and welders are needed to complete the job with a high regard to safety as well as accuracy. This ensures that our clients assets will stand the test of time over our rivals and give our customer piece of mind against poor workmanship and down time.

Equipment installed right


You only have to look at our case studies and track record to see, why Cold Logic is seen as Australia’s leader in refrigeration installs [click on case studies]. Whether it be new ammonia refrigeration plant installation and commissioning or alterations, conversions and upgrades to existing Freon HFC plants, Cold Logic has the experience to build and install the right equipment for the right application.

Cold Logic can construct and install the widest variety of refrigeration components and plant equipment for both Ammonia (NH3) and Freon (HFC).

  • Automated air defrost evaporator assemblies

  • Screw compressor packages

  • Reciprocating type compressor packages

  • Speciality evaporator construction

  • Liquid accumulator pump sets

  • Packaged ammonia chiller sets

  • A range of oil separators in stock and fabrication

  • Replacement condenser coil blocks

  • Special purpose heat exchangers

  • Gas conditioning skid construction

  • Ammonia pipe work installation and modifications


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