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Industrial Refrigeration Consultants

Cold Logic offers a consultancy service in industrial refrigeration with a wholistic approach. In essence – we work with you to understand the end goal, understand your current process of product flows as they are, the impacts they have on heat loads and the refrigeration requirement.

Because of our expert practical knowledge in design, engineering and service, coupled with leading edge refrigeration thinking, we will put together a robust plan that considers your existing plant or proposed new plant, redundancy and future capacity requirements. All while giving you accurate ‘real world’ operational and service costing’s for the long term.

Our aim is to give you detailed reports, with the engineering and design you’d expect from a consultant but with knowledge that it comes from people with 30 plus years of practical experience doing this day in/ day out. We will get you an independent plan that you can take to market or to any contractor that will get you the highest capacity refrigeration for the lowest operating costs. This is where Cold Logic consultancy can give you payback.

Click here to email Eddie Lane on how we can assist as a consultant. Or alternatively call our national office on 08 8240 3333 and speak to Eddie Lane or Brad Semmler.

Key Consultancy services

  • Refrigeration Consultancy (Design, Engineering)

  • Energy Efficiency Audits

  • Used plant evaluation and brokering

  • Pressure vessel design

  • Safety Audits – particularly in Ammonia refrigeration plants

  • Plant and associated equipment drawings

  • Compliancy audits

  • Maintenance planning

  • Industrial Refrigeration Training (Ammonia Refrigeration Training & Freon Refrigeration Training)

  • Relocation plans

  • Budgeting

Is your plant compliant?

If you operate a Refrigeration Plant you need to comply with AS 1677:1998 for safe use of Hydrocarbon refrigerants. Where you have an Ammonia Refrigeration Plant, it should conform from a safety perspective as per IIAR checklist.

The inspection of relief valves (AS3788:2001) and adherence to pressure piping (AS4041:1998) are also critical to an Ammonia Refrigeration Plant.  

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