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Leaders in Sustainability

9 Aug 2016 - 10:53am



Winners of the 2016 HVACR Leadership Awards were formally announced at CCN Live, which was held earlier today (02/08/2016) at the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

The first category to be announced was the award for 2016 Sustainability Leader. Sponsored by Heatcraft, the winner is Cold Logic technical director, Brad Semmler

Read more at http://www.climatecontrolnews.com.au/news/latest/winners-announced-for-t...

Technical Director, Brad Semmler, has been involvbed in the refirgeration industry for more than 29 years across a variety of fields and disciplines. He is extremely passionate about the refirgeration industry, driving new innovations and ultimately seeing it prosper.

Brad Semmler has been a driver in bringing energy efficient solutions to the market. This was more evident in Brad’s involvement in the Sundrop Farms project which was another Australia first project.

See http://www.goodfruitandvegetables.com.au/story/3955009/seawater-tomatoes-set-new-glasshouse-farming-benchmark/?cs=4898#


Brad advised the project from an early stage to design and engineer a 1400kW energy efficient NH3 plant that would chill desalinated water from 35deg to 18deg for use on the vines. A new process turning sunlight and seawater into producing vine ripened tomatoes.

His innovative thinking brought together a robust industrial solution utilising smarts such as floating head control, VSD’s, remote monitoring, side stream filtration and variable VI for all operating conditions.

Brad’s input into the design and operation of the plant has led to the Sundrop Farms project being named as one top 5 Tech Innovations in Agriculture.


Requiring no freshwater, farmland or fossil fuels, this potential game-changer for sustainable farming is creating 300 jobs in Port Augusta, South Australia, with a ten-year contract won to grow tomatoes for Coles supermarkets.

The energy efficient refrigeration plant was crucial for the projects success as without the capacity to chill – vines could not be irrigated and crops could not be grown.

The plant has been fully commissioned and Sundrop Farms are extremely happy with results having produced the first rounds of crops for sale to Coles supermarkets nationally.

Brad’s design has the capacity to chill 2.8 million litres of water each day to produce peak crops of 15,000 tonne of tomatoes each year.

Brad sees the future reliant on more natural refrigerants such as CO2 and NH3. The advancements in technology and innovative solutions are leading to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Brad is particularly excited by the safer, and more sustainable low charge NH3 systems. This now makes the introduction into non-industrial applications more suitable. These shifts are also leader to lower energy consumption which ultimately benefits the end user and wider economy.

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