Environmental Policy

Introduction / Overview

Cold Logic is committed to the preservation of the environment. Not only is damage to the environment having a detrimental effect on our future, we also want a sustainable future that Cold Logic can effectively contribute to. 

Our Commitment

On our premises and those of our clients our aim is to ensure no contaminated water, oil, powder, granules, solvent, detergents or any other substance other than rain or municipally supplied mains water is permitted to enter the storm water system.

The production of energy is recognised as having an associated environmental impact. Cold Logic utilise the latest machinery and equipment in an effort minimise ours and our clients consumption.

Research and Development

Cold Logic technical staff, under the Technical Director, are constantly researching, trailing and evaluating energy efficient equipment and parts in an effort to negate the environmental impact of our wasted power consumption and promote responsible product stewardship. Where appropriate new technology is introduced both in the field and during the manufacturing production.

Waste Segregation and Recycling

Cold Logic is committed to reducing the amount of waste it generates, and segregating or separating the waste that is generated.

  • Any paper waste should be recycled, bins are provided on Cold Logic premises.
  • Plastics, such as storage containers, should be recycled via a reputable drum recycler.
  • Waste products are to be removed by approved, licenced contractors only. These contractors are to be ISO4001 approved where applicable.
  • Chemical drums are reused internally until reuse no longer practical, they are then collected by a drum recycler.
  • Every effort is made to dispose of waste in the most environmentally means possible.
  • Metal Scrap - recycled by merchant
  • Liquid Industrial Waste - Treated and removed by Contractor
  • Solid Industrial Waste - Recycled or Landfill
  • Plastics - Recycled by contractor
  • Paper - Recycled by contractor
  • General Waste - Compacted and removed by contractor

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