Frew Group, Vic/SA

Cold Logic has again been given a high commendation for its highly professional refrigeration solutions and customer service. Frew Meats, a loyal, long term customer, was feeling relieved and enthusiastic after Cold Logic provided the company with a number of infrastructure solutions to accommodate increasing demand.

In this project, along with all others for Frew Meats, Cold Logic provided its client with critical service and maintenance expertise and assistance in training their on-site personnel to ensure equipment maintenance for optimum performance. Rod Broberg, Frew Meats’ Project Manager, commented that Cold Logic has once again lived up to expectations by delivering a sound product and service within the designated timeframe and within what Frew Meats considered to be a challenging budget. “It’s Cold Logic’s and Brad’s experience that gives us the confidence to go back each time. If there is a problem we get on the phone and they fix it. It’s as simple as that. “  

Pernod Ricard Winemakers, SA

“Pernod Ricard Winemakers (formally Orlando Wines) have been utilising the services of Cold Logic for over 20 years to both maintain refrigeration and cooling systems as well as undertaking expansion and efficiency improvements. We have worked with Cold Logic on a large variety of projects on our sites across Australia, installing ammonia to brine refrigeration systems, brine reticulation systems, barrel store and warehouse cooling and large air-conditioning systems. The ammonia to brine systems design, installed, commissioned and maintained by Cold Logic range from 200kW to large 3000kW multi-compressor systems”.

“The ongoing preventative maintenance program is also provided by Cold Logic supporting our own Maintenance Team. 24 hours, 7 days a week break down support with good response times is essential to our operation and Cold Logic deliver this well” Richard Graetz - PRW

Thomas Foods International

Thomas Foods International, SA

When Australia’s largest family owned meat processor set out to build the country’s biggest lamb boning room and add seven new carcass chillers to their Murray Bridge facility, they turned to refrigeration specialists Cold Logic to bring the concept to a reality under incredible conditions.

David McKay, Operations Director is quick to credit Cold Logic with much of the project’s success, underscoring that it was only achieved with fortnightly Project Team meetings, intricate logistics management and military precision.  

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Alkoomi Wines, WA

“After Cold Logic installed our refrigeration upgrade to our tank farm – our refrigeration plant has never run better so congratulations to all those involved” Rod Hallet – Owner

Coopers Brewery, SA

South Australia’s Coopers Brewery has for some time attracted national attention as the industry’s first cogeneration plant. Now, thanks to industrial refrigeration specialist Cold Logic, the plant has stepped into the international spotlight as a superefficient trigeneration facility.

“Where once gas was used to provide heat and power, now the heat is in turn used to drive a chiller, in the process saving us $40,000 p.a. in power costs” said Coopers Managing Director Dr Tim Cooper.

Cold Logic, Dr Tim Cooper and his engineering team and brewers brainstormed options for providing the additional cooling capacity needed to boost production levels.

“Although it was new ground for Cold Logic, we had immense faith in them as a result of our long 26 year association during which time they have provided our refrigeration expertise, maintenance and project work.”

“The decision, though, does speak volumes of our relationship and the fact we regard them as a truly excellent one-stop-shop.”

“When we moved from the eastern suburbs they built and installed the entire refrigeration plant at Regency Park. Their engineering knowledge is excellent and they have a particularly good track record for problem solving.”

“It’s relationships such as these that allow us to successfully concentrate on our core business”, Dr Cooper said.

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