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Ammonia Detection

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Ammonia Detection

Ammonia is natural gas with no global warming effects or effect on the the ozone level. The only draw back is it's pungent smell and that it can be flammable in high concentrations.

State of the art ammonia detection or sensors are vital for any ammonia refrigeration system. Cold Logic can install a sensor suitable for your equipment and budget to ensure the efficiency and safety of your plant.


Preventative Maintenance

Our whole aim is to develop a program to help avoid break down of  your equipment,  improve your plant's reliability and lower your yearly spend on emergency maintenance.

This is why so many clients continue to use Cold Logic for servicing their ammonia and Freon refrigeration plants.


We customised a plan that is right for your plant and equipment increasing life of your equipment,  reducing overall operating costs and improving plant reliability and efficiency. 


Cold Logic provides a 24hour/ 365 days a year remote dial in support and call out service. With a large team of qualified refrigeration mechanics, you get prompt attention ...


Insuring efficient plant equipment can come down to accurate diagnostics. Thermography and oil, vibration and plant analysis is a effective way to assess your...