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Brew Pack

Brewpack and Cold Logic

Brew Pack

  • Sector: Beverages, Brewing
  • Client: Brewpack
  • Location: NSW
  • Contract: Design, Install and Commission, New Facility
  • Value: $1.2M

The Challenge:   Brewpack is a 100% independently owned Australian contract beverage manufacturer. In March 2018 they re-branded and announced a new facility to be built in Smeaton, NSW. They needed a new plant with a 1125 kW capacity using a combination of ammonia and glycol refrigerants. They needed a system robust enough to cope with the 1 million cartons of production annually and with the capacity for future expansion.

The Outcome:   The glycol system design was initially a single insulated tank with internal pipework to provide separation of the hot and cold glycol streams with room for a second insulated tank with a balance line in between the two tanks to cater for load variability. The primary pump takes the Hot glycol from the tank and high level through the ammonia glycol chillers and into the tank at -60C at low level. The secondary pump takes the cold glycol back out to the field. This glycol is consistently monitored by temperature sensors to ensure optimal energy efficiency and constant -60C glycol supply. The entire plant is controlled via a PLC which can be remotely accessed to provide full off site support and monitoring