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Tullamarine, Victoria Community Profile

Tullamarine is known for its prime location as the home of Melbourne Airport, a well-known landmark that welcomes travellers worldwide. The suburb has become a desirable locale for tourists and prospective residents thanks to its eclectic community, storied past, and lively cultural scene. 

About Tullamarine, VIC

Tullamarine is home to around 6100 residents. Tullamarine originates from the Aboriginal phrase 'Tullamarine,' which translates to 'gum tree.' The settlement of this area dates to the mid-19th century and has since flourished into a thriving, contemporary community.

Tullamarine's proximity to Melbourne Airport has played a vital role in its remarkable growth and widespread appeal. Moreover, this suburb boasts a central location, offering convenient entrances to highways and public transportation networks, making it an excellent hub for exploring the surrounding regions.

Tullamarine, VIC History

Before the arrival of European settlers in the late 1840s, the indigenous Wurundjeri people thrived as the original inhabitants of this land. The initial pioneers mainly consisted of Irish and Scottish immigrants who settled on the rich, fertile land, establishing farms and homes.

In 1919, the region was officially designated as Tullamarine. With the establishment of Melbourne Airport in 1970, it blossomed into a vibrant hub for commerce and trade. The suburb has continuously transformed and grown, embracing diverse cultures and communities. 

What Makes People Love Tullamarine, VIC?

Tullamarine presents a captivating blend of urban sophistication and natural allure, rendering it a perfect haven for locals and tourists alike. Its proximity to Melbourne Airport and significant highways ensures effortless accessibility, while its multicultural community contributes to the suburb's distinctive allure.

For those seeking to establish their residence in Tullamarine, an array of housing options awaits, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The suburb offers a wide selection, from contemporary apartments to expansive family homes. Moreover, Tullamarine prides itself on its exceptional educational institutions, with some esteemed schools and universities nearby.

Tullamarine also offers a wealth of attractions for tourists and visitors. It is a convenient stopover near Melbourne Airport for travellers travelling across Australia. The suburb is known for its thriving cultural scene, offering a variety of events and festivals all year round. Nature enthusiasts can delight in the abundance of hiking trails and picturesque spots, providing a peaceful escape from the busy city life.

The Ideal Time to Visit Tullamarine, VIC

Tullamarine boasts a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a perfect destination for visitors at any time. The summer months (December to February) tend to attract the most tourists, given the warmer temperatures and extended daylight hours. From March to May, autumn graces us with its mild weather and breathtaking foliage. From June to August, winter brings cooler temperatures accompanied by sporadic rainfall. Spring paints a picturesque scene from September to November with its blooming flowers and delightful temperatures.

Living in Tullamarine, VIC – What Do You Get From It?

Ideal Location: Located near Melbourne's central business district and the airport, Tullamarine provides convenient accessibility to key destinations. Its strategic location ensures easy and efficient travel to significant areas of interest.

Multicultural Community: The vibrant community of Tullamarine thrives on its diverse cultures and traditions, fostering an atmosphere that celebrates inclusivity and harmony.

Educational Opportunities: Tullamarine boasts many prestigious schools and universities, offering its residents unparalleled educational prospects and experiences.

Plenty of Parks and Outdoor Spaces: Tullamarine offers a wealth of parks, gardens, and outdoor areas, ensuring ample opportunities for recreation and leisure.

Good Cultural Scene: The suburb hosts vibrant events and festivals during the year, offering a delightful glimpse into its thriving cultural scene.

Pleasant Climate: Tullamarine boasts a delightful climate characterized by agreeable temperatures and mild weather year-round, ensuring a comfortable living experience for its residents.

Opportunities for Employment: The suburb's strategic location near Melbourne Airport and significant highways positions it as a prime employment hub across diverse industries. Its advantageous proximity facilitates convenient access to a wide range of job opportunities.

Tullamarine, VIC Geographical Profile

Tullamarine is within the City of Hume, in the state of Victoria. Encompassing around 14 square kilometres, it shares borders with Melbourne Airport to the north, Keilor Park to the east, Gladstone Park and Westmeadows to the west, and Attwood to the south. Tullamarine is blessed with the beautiful Moonee Ponds Creek, gracefully meandering through the suburb, adding a touch of scenic charm. The predominantly flat landscape showcases a harmonious blend of residential, industrial, and commercial establishments, creating a diverse and vibrant community.

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