Cold Logic



  • Sector: Cold Storage
  • Client: Boeing
  • Location: VIC
  • Contract: Preventative Maintinance
  • Value: $500,000

Cold Logic has been the refrigeration service provider at Boeing’s facility in Port Melbourne for over 10 years.

Cold Logic maintains and services the fridges and freezers that are mission critical to the composite manufacturing processes that Boeing undertakes as part of their aero structure business. The refrigeration systems are used to regulate and maintain the temperature of the raw and semi-finished materials to achieve correct mechanical performance of the finished product. Therefore, the performance and uptime of the refrigeration systems form a critical part of the QA evidence chain and directly contribute to the airworthiness of aircrafts manufactured by Boeing. Cold Logic also maintains and services the fluid chillers that are used to regulate the cooling fluids within the manufacturing processes. The correct temperature of the cooling fluid is vital in achieving consistent quality in manufactured components and to reduce tool wear. This in turn maintains the manufacturing costs at appropriate levels.

This is a service project is on going indefinitely.