Cold Logic



It can be difficult to choose where to focus your time and capital, so at Cold Logic, we have partnered with Kilara to unlock the potential of new energy and industrial refrigeration cooling technologies, and also tackle your other business priorities.

It's what we call... Energy and Refrigeration as a Service.


Please view the below video to understand more about our combined energy and industrial refrigeration solution which reduces your electricity supply costs and protects your business from pricing volatility. 

Energy and Refrigeration as a Service is a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your business. 

Please reach out, if you’d like to; 
✅ reduce energy and emissions
✅ access the latest industrial refrigeration and behind the meter energy technology
✅ outsource responsibility for energy and refrigeration - freeing you up to focus on core business
✅ access Kilara financing packages that provide cost predictability and allows you to redirect your capital to where it is most needed in your business

We’re excited by the significant opportunities ERAS is providing industries across Australia which rely upon industrial refrigeration.