Cold Logic

Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery and Cold Logic

Coopers Brewery

  • Sector: Beverages, Brewing
  • Client: Coopers Brewery
  • Location: SA
  • Contract: Design, Energy Efficiency, New Facility
  • Value: $4,000,000

The Challenge: Chilled water is continuously used throughout the day and night as part of the malting process. The key challenge was to design a system that can cope with peak loads during hot weather with 100% production rates but also cater to reduce heat loads on cold ambient days.

The Outcome: The plant is a closed loop water system with separate hold and cold tanks, each having the capacity of 175,000 litres. It is sized to supply chilled water to the actual brewing process at a rate of 100,000litres every 2 hours. The plant chills 360,000litres of RO water from 30C to 15C each day. The chilled water is used to condition air during the germination and steeping process, which forms the main load on the plant throughout the day. For this process alone we can see up to 2.5 mega-litres of chilled water on a 25C ambient day.