Cold Logic


Sundrop farms and Cold Logic


  • Sector: Food
  • Client: Sundrop Farms
  • Location: SA
  • Contract: Design, Energy Efficiency, Install and Commission, New Facility
  • Value: $2,600,000

The Challenge:  To install a customised system to cool the desalinated water being supplied to Sundrop Farms’ landmark greenhouse project. The 20-hectare project harvests solar power to generate energy for desalination to supply hydroponic greenhouses. The plant uses solar energy  generated to super-heat sea water to steam, generating power from the condensate. The ammonia refrigeration plant we designed and built, cools that water from 35C down to 18C and that will allow that water to then be utilised on the vines.

The Outcome:  The plant was successfully installed and running in March 2016. Sundrop Farms aims to produce up to 15,000 tonnes a year as part of a 10-year contract to supply 750 Coles Supermarkets outlets with truss tomatoes across Australia. Following the successful install, Cold Logic was engaged to complete the second stage which included 4 cooling cell rooms which included extension to the refrigeration, panel construction and cell frame work system.