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News- HVAC System to Support Defence

Cold Logic launches development of Australian-made HVAC System to support Defence programs


Port Adelaide, SA based Refrigeration and Controlled Environment System manufacturer Cold Logic Pty Ltd has received an order for a first production batch of new Defence compliant Environmental Control Units (ECUs) to support a Defence Mobile Command and Control program.

The new product will have the designation ECU45 with a cooling capacity of approximately 10 kWr at an ambient temperature of 49˚C and is designed to address a gap in the Australian supply chain market for air conditioning systems to cater for deployable shelters currently in use with the Australian Defence Force.


Currently there is no sovereign Australian option to provide environmental conditioning for deployable shelter systems for the ADF and equipment has to be procured from overseas manufacturers. This has specific implications in Australia from supply chain delay, spare parts availability to more serious implications around system performance due to ambient design temperatures as well as EMI /EMC compliance.

3D CAD views of new ECU45 Design

Cold Logic’s First of Type ECU38 Controlled Environment Air Conditioning installed on Daronmont Technologies’ Deployable Shelter System.

This new product order is based on the successful development of ECU38, a first of type system for a Daronmont deployable shelter for Defence with a capacity of 12 kWr at 49˚C ambient temperature. To date, the overseas sourced ECUs in service are generally designed for design ambient temperatures suited to North America and Europe, rather than the significantly hotter temperature extremes experienced in the Australian climate on a regular basis. This original ECU38 development was the first successful attempt to address a number of shortfalls identified in other systems and the lessons learned are applied to the new ECU45 line-up.

Cold Logic’s Manager for Defence Business & Research and Development Dr Michael Riese states: “The ADF has seen a significant increase in cooling requirements for deployable shelters in the last 10 years. These shelters mostly have a constant heat load from electronic equipment housed there-in irrespective of the ambient temperatures. This brings its own challenges, both at high and low ambient temperature conditions. Our product addresses these challenges as well as a number of other shortfalls from overseas manufactured products when applied to the Australian Context."


Daronmont Technologies identified a gap in the Australian ECU market for appropriately specified units to support a number of deployable programs.  Daronmont Technologies Deployable Systems Program Manager, Mary Williamson, spoke highly of Cold Logic’s approach to this ECU opportunity: “The ADF’s environmental requirements are challenging and we’re very confident in Cold Logic’s capabilities to deliver an Australian product with the performance the ADF requires.”


Dr Michael Riese, Manager for Defence Business and Research & Development

Cold Logic Pty Ltd is Australia’s only bespoke refrigeration and controlled environment systems provider with a dedicated Defence Division and third party accreditation for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Founded in South Australia in 1984 and wholly Australian owned and operated, Cold Logic has long been a household name in the industrial refrigeration sector with clients Australia wide. Cold Logic established a dedicated defence division in 2017 after initial project success with Collins Class submarine maintainer ASC Pty Ltd as part of a through life upgrade of the provisional refrigeration system.


Cold Logic identified the lack of indigenous Defence compliant ECU providers with relevant subject matter expertise in Australia and set out to fill that void. Through a full life-cycle offering of design, engineering, manufacture, supply, install and through-life-support together with a fully established Australian supply chain, Cold Logic is the prime candidate for any bespoke cooling, refrigeration and environmental control systems for the Australian Defence Industry and Defence Force.


In 2021, Cold Logic’s contribution to the industry was recognised as joint winner of the Defence Teaming Centre Annual Teaming Award with Daronmont Technologies, APC Technology and Zenith Custom Creations.


For more information contact Michael Riese at Cold Logic on (08) 8240 3333, 0411 779 321 or