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Pressure Cooling

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Pressure Cooling

Pressure cooling is a form of cooling, designed to rapidly remove field or excessive temperatures from produce. This method is up to 90% quicker in removing heat as opposed to produce being placed in a standard cool room.

For many years produce has been cooled by simply storing it in a refrigerated room, a process known as room cooling. This method is generally sufficient for keeping produce at a low temperature once it has been cooled, but it often does not remove field heat rapidly enough to maintain the quality of highly perishable crops and is very often inadequate for produce stored in large containers, such as bulk boxes or pallet loads and for produce that requires immediate cooling. 

During pressure cooling, air is pulled rapidly through bins or cartons of vegetables. This increases the effective surface area from that of the bin or carton to that of the produce inside. This increases the rate of cooling and avoids condensation. 

Pressure cooling effectively increases the surface area being cooled from that of the package to that of the produce inside. Forced air-cooling can reduce cooling times by 10 times or more, compared to room cooling.

Cold Logic has vast expertise in the pressure cooling arena, working with all types of produce from Cairns all the way down the east coast of Australia and across to S.A. We have installed many pressure coolers both on farm and also within large produce distribution facilities all around the country.

We offer ultra-high humidity pressure cooling at 94-96% humidity, this form utilises water in order to produce this level of humidity in conjunction with rapid pressure cooling.

The other form is with the use of a specifically designed coil system that allows the refrigeration to operate at 90-92% relative humidity.

Incorporated into the design of these systems are our vast experience with all types of treatment methods for produce, including Ethylene, Methyl Bromide & Sulphur Dioxide.

Moisture contained within the produce must be retained in order to preserve fruit pressure, weight, quality, texture, appearance and shelf life. This form of cooling uses a tarp across the product in order to force the cool circulating air through the product. The tarped design will provide the quickest cooling with this form of operation.

Each pressure cooler is designed and tailored to the needs of each requirement, we tailor the solution on the requirement of the product that is being cooled and the type of boxes and packaging, as this can often inhibit the cooling. To overcome these occurrences in our design, Cold Logic carefully and expertly considers all of these concerns and considerations so you have peace of mind that the right solution has been designed for the best returns in terms of temperature and quality.

What are some of the benefits of using pressure cooling for your business?

  • Decrease the time your produce remains at elevated temperatures, reducing deterioration.
  • Enjoy shorter cooling times and more efficient use of your cooling facility.