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What is commercial refrigeration?

With the world’s population growing at an alarming rate, so is the demand for reliable food refrigeration. As a result, hospitality and food and beverage businesses rely heavily on their commercial refrigeration systems to keep their businesses running. A business’s commercial refrigeration system being down can result in a loss of time and money, which can seriously impact profitability.

At Cold Logic, we’ve been giving our customers the best refrigeration solutions for over 35 years. We understand the importance of providing businesses with the right commercial refrigeration solutions. In doing so, we take the time to learn about your refrigeration needs and develop a solution that is the perfect fit.

Keep reading to find out more about commercial refrigeration and how it could be the perfect refrigeration solution for your Australian business:

Which industries require commercial refrigeration?

Cold Logic has been a reliable source of refrigeration for the food industry for more than 35 years. We have worked with some of Australia’s biggest food companies in the past, so we can help you make your refrigeration even better than it is now. We understand that different products have different refrigeration needs.

The food sectors we cover include:

  • Red meat
  • Confectionary
  • Fresh produce
  • Pet food
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Snack food
  • Beverage

Choose a Cold Logic commercial refrigeration system!

We are proud to give our customers reliable, high-quality refrigeration equipment with over 35 years of industry experience.

Whether you need a standard cool room installation or a custom-designed Ammonia based refrigeration plant, our skilled refrigeration technicians will work with you to create a refrigeration system that fits the needs of your business.

We’re also here for you when the unexpected happens.

With our 24/7 remote dial-in and call-out service, our team can fix emergencies in a very short amount of time. So when something goes wrong, you can call one of our in-house engineers, who will diagnose and send help.

Need a quality and reliable refrigeration solution for your business? Call Cold Logic today!