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Cold Logic Has Your Industrial Refrigeration Needs Covered!

Are you currently navigating the best options for your Industrial refrigeration services in Melbourne or Adelaide?

For many businesses, refrigeration is critical, so it’s vital that you choose a partner who has your industrial refrigeration needs covered. 

What Are the Important Qualities of an Industrial Refrigeration Expert?

Industrial Refrigeration Experience

The requirements of every operating system are unique and require specific technical knowledge and skills. An experienced industrial refrigeration expert will prepare a well-considered plan, including a preventative program to minimise refrigeration risks, damages and outages at your site.

Cold Logic has provided Industrial Refrigeration Services in Adelaide and Melbourne for nearly 40 years.

Industrial Refrigeration Service

An industrial refrigeration company that is reliable and responsive is essential.

Cold Logic has over 30 technicians and operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with experienced ammonia and freon mechanics.

Our Senior Managers take on-call – so you won’t get a call centre or someone inexperienced on the other end of the phone in the middle of the night when you need help the most.

We pride ourselves on being able to talk clients through refrigeration system issues and dispatching mechanics only when needed. Our senior managers will follow up with the on-call mechanic and the progress of the breakdown, giving you peace of mind.

Thorough Review Process

For most companies requiring industrial refrigeration,  it is usually critical to operations. It is, therefore, essential to work with a company that will assess how the business operates and key processes where refrigeration may risk downtime. This will ensure consideration can be given to the best options to mitigate this risk of downtime. This could include critical spares, duty/standby equipment integration, increased preventative maintenance or remote alarms and monitoring.

A review is an important part of the Cold Logic process.  Everything we do at Cold Logic is based on the service we provide.

Seeking a Long-term Partnership  

Industrial refrigeration is a significant investment, and it is critical to assess whether the provider will not only provide a good asset but also holds all the qualities for a long-term partnership

 At Cold Logic, we consider ourselves more than an asset builder and service provider – we are a business partner. We love how our clients believe in us, and we believe in them. 

Customised Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance

Ensure a customised plan for your plant and equipment is developed. This will increase the life of your industrial refrigeration equipment,  reducing overall operating costs and improving plant reliability and efficiency.

 Every Cold Logic customer has a customised plan.

An Industrial Refrigeration Company which forwards Plans

Preventative maintenance is essential as part of a good industrial refrigeration program.

Cold Logic works with clients to review our technicians’ regular preventative maintenance work. We trend key Industrial refrigeration assets to look at performance and question why results are excellent or poor.  We bring to the attention of maintenance managers multiple failures of the same components – questioning whether constant repairs are better than new replacements so that you are not spending good money on parts that may have reached the end of life.  

Our Cold Logic technicians care – they monitor service results and are proactive in dealing with small issues before they become big expensive problems.  We carry a range of aftermarket spares for various compressors and condensers. If you have a unique plant – we can work on a plan to identify critical parts with long lead times and ensure off-the-shelf spares are carried on your site.

Communication is Key

You must work with a company that proactively communicates with you and who can explain any industrial refrigeration issues. They can discuss problems and potential steps to fix the situation and outline the associated costs. Proving this detail will ensure you are comfortable making an informed decision about your industrial refrigeration.

 At Cold Logic, we pride ourselves on our upfront, honest, informative and friendly communication approach.

If you are looking for an industrial refrigeration partner in Melbourne or Adelaide, consider the above qualities in your selection process to ensure you select an industrial refrigeration partner who can provide you with assets and services and with whom a true partnership can be formed.