Cold Logic

World-First Refrigeration Technology Revolutionizes Table GrapeCooling

May 2024 – In a ground breaking development for the agricultural industry, Cold Logic, leading Australian industrial refrigeration company, has launched a world-first refrigeration technology in Renmark. The innovative refrigeration system has demonstrated its capabilities by reducing the time required to cool boxes of table grapes from 34 degrees in 12-14 hours, to 1 degrees in an astounding 40 minutes.

Traditionally table grape growers face challenges in minimizing the time between harvesting and cooling. Rapid cooling immediately after harvest is crucial to removing field heat, slowing respiration, maintaining fruit pressure and ultimately extending the shelf life of the grapes, and the preservation of green stems. The challenge was to do this in packed 10kg boxes ready for storage and shipment. This new system allows for the product to be harvested cooled, lidded and shipped the same day, meaning no requirement for early shifts to add sulphur pads and lids.

Studies have shown that each hour of delay in cooling picked fruit can result in a day’s reduction in shelf life. Rapid cooling minimises stem drying and browning, berry shatter, and even wilting and shrivelling of berries. This technological advancement addresses these concerns head-on, promising a longer shelf life for grapes and, consequently, enhanced marketability.

Troy Adams, Executive Fresh Produce, Cold Logic “The newly introduced patent protected refrigeration technology was designed by our team and is set to transform the industry. The technology means air is delivered to the product per box and not circulated around it. There are no delays with pressure cooling overnight, which maintains product quality.

“High humidity is paramount in the order of 95% for retention of moisture. Unlike a blast air environment, which is detrimental to the produce, the design makes use of passive air. This development is protected under patent laws. The rapid cooling capabilities will revolutionize the pressure cooling process”.

“Additionally, where cooling racks are required, this new system will reduce manual workload and labour hours, plus its condensed vertical multi layered tier design, reduces the cooling systems foot print, to claim back precious production space. The system also has the capability of being completely labour free with the use of conveyor belts and automation” Mr Adams said.

“One of the key advantages of this groundbreaking technology is the ability to maintain the greenness of grape stems upon arrival. Customers have been amazed at the preservation of the grapes (including off shore) with the rapid cooling process ensuring that the stems retain their vibrant green colour and the fruit quality the same as when the bunch was picked” Mr Adams said.

“Cold Logic is also passionate about helping our clients improve their efficiencies and environmental impact. We aspire to minimise impacts on the environment. As the new technology offers a significant reduction in time to cool the grapes, the cooling process can be completed through daylight hours, meaning solar energy is being used to run the technology which in short translates to cooling for free and minimising the electrical energy consumed by the refrigeration system. This ultimately translates to profit. Imagine when the last boxes arrive and less than 1 hour later, they are padded and lidded in the truck, container or storage cool room” Mr Adams said.

The successful implementation in Renmark marks the beginning of a new era for table grape growers and exporters, as they embrace a revolutionary approach to refrigeration. However, this design is not limit to grapes alone.

“This technology will be relevant beyond grapes, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mushrooms, tomatoes, cherries and leafy products even in a punnet, to name just a few. We can see punnet cooling completely revolutionised for several products. We hope sharing these compelling production and efficiency results will provide fellow fruit growers the confidence and encouragement to consider also making use of this new environmentally friendly technology” Mr Adams said.

Cold Logic’s world-first refrigeration technology is poised to be a game-changer in the industry, offering unprecedented efficiency in grape cooling and setting new standards for quality and freshness, and most certainly not limited to grapes.

Cold Logic look forward to presenting on this new technology to the industry at the approaching Hort Connections exhibition (stand 98) to be held in early June in Melbourne.