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Brewpack and Cold Logic

Brew Pack

  • 2019-09-20

The Challenge:   Brewpack is a 100% independently owned Australian contract beverage manufacturer. In March 2018 they re-branded and announced a new facility to be built in Smeaton, NSW. They needed a new plant with a 1125 kW capacity using a combination of ammonia and glycol refrigerants. They needed a system robust enough to cope with […]

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Haigh’s Chocolates

  • 2019-05-21

Challenge: Haigh’s Chocolates expansion of their Mile End site has required a state of the art refrigeration solution. This was to provide hot and cold water to several stages of the new chocolate processing plant as well as cooling and ventilation of various rooms throughout the factory.  The solution was to be highly efficient, using […]

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Sundrop farms and Cold Logic


  • 2019-05-20

The Challenge:  To install a customised system to cool the desalinated water being supplied to Sundrop Farms’ landmark greenhouse project. The 20-hectare project harvests solar power to generate energy for desalination to supply hydroponic greenhouses. The plant uses solar energy  generated to super-heat sea water to steam, generating power from the condensate. The ammonia refrigeration […]

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Coopers Brewery and Cold Logic

Coopers Brewery

The Challenge: Chilled water is continuously used throughout the day and night as part of the malting process. The key challenge was to design a system that can cope with peak loads during hot weather with 100% production rates but also cater to reduce heat loads on cold ambient days. The Outcome: The plant is […]

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