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Commercial refrigeration is essential for some fields of work, like food manufacturing and retail. Without proper commercial refrigeration, the entire business can suffer greatly. It would help if you chose the correct commercial refrigeration for your business needs. 

At Cold Logic, we are the specialists you need for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on us for commercial refrigeration design, installation, and service. As a family-oriented company, we are passionate about what we do. We look after our clients and base everything on their best interests. That is why they regard us more as a business partner. 

Here is how we cover all commercial refrigeration needs:

Maximum Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency

With the rising cost of electricity, we understand how efficiency is a top concern for any business owner. That is why we offer highly efficient commercial refrigeration solutions. At Cold Logic, we put a lot of effort into ensuring your commercial refrigeration operates as efficiently as possible. 

It does not just cover the design of your commercial refrigeration system. We also do a lot of fine-tuning to optimise the commercial refrigeration system’s operation. That is how we maximise commercial refrigeration efficiency and help your business reduce energy costs. 

Tailored Maintenance Programmes

Our comprehensive service program supports all commercial refrigeration solutions we offer. It includes providing you with ongoing, prompt customer support. You can reach our remote dial-in support and call-out service 24 hours a day. 

Our large team of qualified commercial refrigeration mechanics will instantly help you with your concerns. We also stock an extensive range of commercial refrigeration equipment and spare parts. So, you can always rely on us for a fast and efficient replacement with minimal downtime for your business. 

In addition to setting new standards in commercial refrigeration service, we also offer preventative maintenance program. The main goal of this program is to help you avoid any breakdown of your commercial refrigeration equipment. 

Over time, this will enhance the reliability and performance of your commercial refrigeration. It will also save your business the cost and interruptions of emergency repairs and maintenance. 

Eco-Friendly Refrigeration Solutions

Providing the best commercial refrigeration solutions is as important as protecting the environment. That is why we always ensure our products and services comply with all environmental legislation and regulations. Minimising our generated waste and pollution is also a top priority for us. 

We do not just consider our impact on the environment. At Cold Logic, we also help our clients meet their environmental responsibilities. That is why we design and install highly efficient commercial refrigeration systems. It will not just save your business significant energy costs. It will also decrease your carbon footprint. We also promote commercial refrigeration systems with zero ozone-depleting and global warming properties. 

Choose the best commercial refrigeration solutions for your business. Contact us now!