Cold Logic

WineEng 2023 – Industrial Wine Refrigeration

We look forward to attending WineEng 2023, held from 26-27 July in Nurioopta, South Australia.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity to share our industrial wine refrigeration knowledge. We have gained this knowledge from installing wine refrigeration, which has chilled 13.5 million tonnes of crushed grapes. This is equivalent to 870 million cases of wine.

This year’s event will attract winemakers, engineers, maintenance, operations, and management personnel from across the sector. We’re delighted to be sponsoring lunch on Day 2 of the event.

At Cold Logic, our focus is to provide the entire wine-making process with the best possible industrial refrigeration efficiency, lower running costs, reduce environmental impact and preserve the quality and longevity of the wine.

We do this by forming a close partnership with our wine industry family to truly understand current challenges and the future goals of the wine industry in Australia.

Cold Logic is passionate about helping our clients improve their efficiencies and environmental impact. We aspire to minimise the impact of industrial refrigeration on the environment by actively promoting national refrigerants and minimising the electrical energy consumed by the system.

Ammonia refrigeration is the most efficient refrigerant in industrial applications, with a very high COP (coefficient of performance) efficiency factor. Ammonia is a natural refrigerant 100 per cent environmentally friendly with zero global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP). In short, it represents wineries with both the most energy‐efficient system and environmentally friendly options.

Cold Logic has experience in all facets of industrial refrigeration for the wine industry, including bottling, warehouse chilling, tube in tube chilling, high care room, wine barrel storage, cool room chillers, air conditioning, and must chilling.

Exciting WineEng Conference Topics

The WineEng Conference is set to be an enlightening event. Renowned speakers will discuss hot topics such as de-alcoholization and CO2 capture from ferments. They will also cover equipment and additive trends, ChatGPT & AI, ferment and storage monitoring sensors, bioprotectants to reduce chemical use, and membrane technologies for adjusting wine flavour. Attendees can expect a diverse range of engaging discussions. We eagerly anticipate engaging in these discussions. We also look forwards to learning from industry experts.

Most companies no longer differentiate themselves by having a sustainability plan; rather, customers and employees expect it. Buoyed by our role in making net-zero carbon emissions a reality, Cold Logic actively participates in the most innovative winemaking industry in the world. We love being a part of it.