Cold Logic

Cold Logic, Experts in Brewery Refrigeration to Attend Brewing & Distilling Convention

We look forward to attending the 37th Asia Pacific Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) Convention: Adelaide, March 20 – 24, 2023.

This event will provide an excellent opportunity to connect with old friends and colleagues and build new connections among brewing and distilling community members.

As specialists in manufacturing and supplying industrial refrigeration solutions to beverage industries nationally, we look forward to sharing our brewing refrigeration knowledge and advice with attendees. We are passionate about helping the brewing community improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

We are also excited at this event to partner with Kilara to provide cooling as part of Kilara’s Energy and Refrigeration as a Service (ERAS) offering. ERAS invites you to think differently about how you operate your business.

It gives access to the latest high-efficiency, low-emission energy and refrigeration technology through bespoke finance packages avoiding the need for capital investment. Coupled with a maintenance contract, the service brings long-term cost visibility, allowing you to focus your capital and internal resources on other priorities.

Please visit our stand to find out more about Kilara’s ERAS offering.

Why Choose Cold Logic for Brewery Refrigeration?

As leaders in industrial refrigeration, Cold Logic’s focus is to create the optimal chilled environment for the entire brewing process so our local brewers can keep making their premium products enjoyed here and offshore.

With over 40 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration and brewery refrigeration industry, we can genuinely understand current and future challenges and our client’s goals in the brewing industry.

We have worked with breweries across Australia, including Coopers Brewery, Pirate Life, Brick Lane Brewery Co., Little Creatures and 4 Pines Brewing Company.

Solutions for Brewery Refrigeration

The industrial refrigeration and Brewery refrigeration solutions we offer include;

  • Bottling – Maintaining a constant temperature in the bottling room or section is essential if you wish to achieve faster line speeds, resulting in higher productivity and better efficiencies
  • Cold Storage – Operating at peak performance at all times is pivotal to any business. Efficiency and dependability on your refrigeration equipment are essential
  • Bright Beer Chilling – A young beer must be stored appropriately to become a superior-tasting beer. A bright tank is the storage tank for package-ready beer.
  • High Care Rooms – Cold Logic can help you from concept to design and construction for all industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Steep Water Cooling –  Steeping starts the active malting process; steep water is added to cover the grain. This steep water must remain at a constant temperature to facilitate germination.
  • Wort Cooling – Wort cooling is a simple process yet critical to beer quality. The wort needs to be cooled sufficiently for the yeast culture to survive. Ale requires a different temperature to be larger, so as you can deduce, it’s all about the taste and quality of the result.
  • Fermentation Cooling – Cold Logic is well experienced in creating and maintaining a stable system to provide a constant temperature throughout the fermentation process
  • Preventative maintenance for Brewery Refrigeration – Our whole aim is to develop a program to help avoid the breakdown of your equipment,  improve your plant’s reliability and lower your yearly spend on emergency maintenance.